Dienstag, 3. November 2009

A funny hobby


First of all is a happening placed in the childhood. It is the most important thing you need for this hobby. It is an abnormal consum of movies and books, which started in the age of 6; as younger as better. All the freaks, clwons, animals, killers, psychos and fairys you met in your childhood will follow you on your life way... 

These are needful things.
After this you need a very good knowledge of one languge, you also need a computer, a typewriter or a pencil and some pieces of paper.
In the next stage you may start with your work. You ma start writing a story. But prior to this you should decide about what you'll write. 
You also may write about a happening. 
While you're writing your story, all the creatures you met in your past and also some sentences you read in books or some quotiations you heard in movies will come up again and visit your mind! 
When this happens you can play being a god. You have the power to let your figures alive or killing them. Its up to you, what happens with them. 

Writing stories is also a good way to pay back. But if you wants to pay back, please avoid using real names, otherwise you could be killed on the way to the postbox....

written by Navi M.